How to Have Humanness Work For You Without Losing Money Or Going

Organization Relationship Programs for Small and Medium-sized Organizations without dedicated OE personnel.

Closing the gap ... When Employees Suffer, Your Organization Suffers... Reduce Your Cost

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    Your organization functions according to the capacity and well-being of all those within it. Many organizations fail to see the necessity of coaching and training managers at all levels of the organization. Studies are showing that management contributes to destruction of employees mental and physical health to the tune of $300 billion dollars annually.
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    In 2018, Forbes related stress as the "silent killer". A recent study by Pfeffer cites job stress as costing US employers $300 billion annually. When your employees suffer, your organization suffers. Stress-related issues are on the rise and result absenteeism, calling in sick, workers compensation claims, litigation, grievances, turnover, accidents, medical leave, errors in judgement, violence, conflict and interpersonal problems, customer service problems, loss of intellectual capital, just to name a few. All are costly for both the employee as well as to your organization.
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    Cut the crap and become brutally honest about your organization's management practices and policies.  Take a stand and commit to do the hard work necessary to reduce the risk of negating the humanness in your organization. Reducing stress is more than just a one-time stress management course. Reducing your risk factors protects you, your employees and saves money.
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    As indicated above, when employees suffer and your organization suffers. Long-term effects of workplace situations as well as family situations can have a devastating affect on productivity and mental health. Providing employees with training, coaching and systemic organizational support reduce your overall organizational costs.
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    Who does your organization represent? What is its culture? What are its values? Is the feedback on the job sites one of tyranny, rampant bullying by supervisors, overworked and undervalued employees?  You'll find people who are looking for a "job" but you won't be the employer of choice for potential employees who could help your organization shine and reach its full potential.  Acquiring high-performing employees, retaining your intellectual capital, reducing turnover and having happy employees saves money.

Valuable Components in our supporting the Humanness in Your Organization

On-line, virtual, in-person Professional Savvy services to prevent alleviate, reduce, support employee well-being in your organization.

Executive and Leadership Somatic Coaching 

Our somatic coaching works to not only build your leadership's capacity to create a supportive organizational culture for employee engagement but also build their conscious and subconscious capacity for responding to life's challenges and situations.

Professional Relationship Training 

Offerings include Emotional Competence, Managing Stress, Handling Difficult Conversations, Effective Leadership, The Art of Conversation, Managing & Resolving Conflicts, Etc.

Group/Team Coaching

Who has time for group issues when there’s work has to be done? We coach groups/teams on how to best work together to accomplish their mutual goals. The more effectively a team or group works together, the more possibility for productivity, efficiency and creativity.

New Leader Integration

Reduce the learning curve and accelerate the integration of a new leader or the start-up of a new team by up to 6 months with the identification of transition problems, becoming acquainted with operations and determining how the group will work together for maximum effectiveness.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

Is your organization complying with the law? Are you doing the 3 things every organization MUST do NOW? You have access to investigation, programmatic and behavioral-based training services.

Email Support

Unlimited email support as-needed and guaranteed follow-up.

About the Udall & All About Relationships Consulting Company

For over 25 years I have served as a guide and facilitator for change and transformation devoted to supporting those who desire to release their chains of slavery (that which binds, holds, hinders, bonds, and oppresses) and reclaim their power to take effective action.

All About Relationships Consulting Company (AARCC) was birthed out of that devotion and vision to transform relationships.  Thus, our professional and personal relationship work guides you in building consciousness and relationship skills for building, sustaining and transforming professional (work) and personal relationships which leads you to your amazingly fulfilling life. Our professional relationship transformation focuses on executive coaching, inclusion (diversity, implicit bias), organization/leadership/group-team/individual development. Our personal relationship transformation focuses on relationship development, sustainability, and maintenance.

We value our time with you and thus, work to provide you a unique experience.  We don't just bring to you theory and hypothetical scenarios. Our processes are based in experience and practice and are built on a foundation  of mind, body, and spiritual practices developed for organizations.

Help Me Reduce Your Costs 

3 Exclusive Professional Savvy Opportunities that will will help you reduce costs while transforming the humanness in your organization.

1-on-1 sessions


Action Plan




 0.5 Days to 4 Days in length

Participant Manual


Action Plan


Executive & Leadership Somatic Coaching

Professional Relationship Courses

Group/Team Coaching


New Leader Integration

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)


What People Are Saying...


“Over the past 12 years, I have been most impressed with the Executive Coaching services of Udall DeOleo of All About Relationships, LLC. She is superb in raising self-awareness and partnering in designing impactful strategies that yield tangible and quantifiable results. Udall is brilliant, intuitive, supportive, empowering, and authentic. I hired her as my personal consultant when I first entered the Senior Executive Service back in 2005. As the then Executive Director in a federal agency, I extended her services to our senior leadership team. Many of our senior judges and hearing office managers across the country also found her services extremely helpful. In addition to her executive coaching services, she also customized a hugely successful strategic planning session for one of our hearing offices.

I reunited with Udall to secure her services in 2016. She is so effective, this year I also made her services available again to my staff here in my current federal agency. I highly recommend her for new, seasoned and emerging executives.”

Maria Price Detherage ( SES, USAID)


“Udall was my ‘mentor coach’ for six months and during this time, I was extremely impressed with her ability to clearly identify areas for further development and how to achieve this. Udall really does ‘Cut through The Crap’ and says it ‘how it is’, VERY precisely, concisely and succinctly; without any ‘waffle/jargon’. If you want someone who is TOTALLY ‘tuned in’ and says it ‘how it is’, which gets you to ‘really look’ at how you can further improve, I highly recommend, Udall. I believe I have come such a long way in 6 months. Thank you, Udall, for all your guidance and support!”

Sharon Craig (Social Worker/Relationship Coach, New Zealand)

A Few of Our Clients...

Our client list includes commercial, non-profit and government agencies. 

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Offerings are at a per month rate.  Coaching requires a 3-month minimum.

Executive and Leadership Somatic Coaching 

 only $1,150

  • 1.5 hour initial Intake session
  •  3 45-minute Zoom/Skype or telephone sessions per month per participant
  • Unlimited email support

Professional Savvy Training 

only $4300

  • Selection from Course Catalog
  • 4 1-day or 2 2-day Professional Relationship courses per month for 25 or less participants
  • Unlimited email support            
  • Travel and lodging additional

Organization Savvy Consulting 

only $4950

  • 8 hours of 1 or combined services  
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Group/Team Coaching
  • New Leader Integration
  • Professional Relationship Course(s)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Travel and Lodging additional


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