What's Missing From Most Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

You'll be surprised! 

We Cover What's Missing and More...

Some behavior is easily identifiable as inappropriate. But some behavior is subtle and not as clearly identifiable as inappropriate. 

  • 1
    Understand State and federal laws, rules, and regulations for sexual harassment.
  • 2
    Discover the three (3) things your organization must do to comply with Federal law.
  • 3
    Understand the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault. 
  • 4
    Identify sexual harassment behaviors and issues and manage appropriately.
  • 5
    Understand employers and employees' responsibilities in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • 6
    Identify tools and techniques for sexual harassment prevention. 
  • 7
    Understand your organization's policies, reporting, and investigation process.
  • 8
    Create civility in the workplace.  Understand your part in creating a harassment free environment. 
  • 9
    Understand supervisor and workplace responsibility.

Instructor-Led Virtual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 

 Live sexual harassment training outperforms on-line sexual harassment training.

Virtual Training

Dynamic Live Virtual Interactive Training incentivizes employees to pay attention.  It allows for the clearing of misconceptions immediately and the inclusion of updated material as needed.  Ask about streaming live. 

Behavior-based Scenarios

Through either video vignettes or custom-designed scenarios, participants will have the opportunity assess behavior and determine best actions. 

Separate Manager Training

Managerial training includes how to end disrespectful conduct, how to avoid liability, how to handle complaints, the investigation process and anti-retaliation rules.

Real-time Q & A 

Real-time, immediate question and answer session. In live training, questions can be addressed immediately and clarifications can be provided as necessary.  Listening to other's questions, provides additional insight into material.

Civility Skills

Behavior can be modeled through role-plays and interaction with trainer and participants. 

Team Cohesion

Training can be customized to meet the group's needs. Topics specific to your organization can be addressed.

About Dr. Udall Siraj

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Dr. Siraj has provided Sexual Harassment Prevention consultation services throughout the U.S. and Canada for commercial as well as government clients.  Services include training design,  facilitation, investigation, and policy review.  

For over 30 years, Udall Siraj has facilitated transformation through organization development consultant services in the industries of education, airline, finance, utility, telecommunications, associations, federal/state/local government.  She is a Federal Government Master Certified Trainer.  

Respect in the Workplace:
Prevention of Sexual Harassment 

What behavior is inappropriate? Learn to assess your own as well as others behaviors.

How is respect defined in your workplace?  Learn techniques and tools for handling tough conversations about behavior.

Do you have questions about sexual harassment?  Have your questions addressed by a live facilitator. 

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