Love Outside the Line – Interethnic Pre-marital Coaching



Even though marriages fail for various reasons, interethnic couples may face underlying cultural assumptions and expectations that they are unaware of combined with the usual issues that may befall a marriage.

With the odds stacked against you and love not conquering all —what can you do to beat the odds?  You can cut the crap and prepare for after the wedding before tying the knot.  As a couple you will benefit by being proactive in preparing for your life together by building your marriage skills.  The purpose of this program is to help a pre-marital couple build a strong foundation and connection to improve their likelihood of having a successful marriage.

  • Determine possibilities for your future
  • Increase the likelihood of long-term relationship success and decrease the likelihood of failure

In this program you will:

  • Clarify your commitment to your partner and your relationship
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner including your cultural differences
  • Co-create a shared vision for shared life
  • Learn how to test assumptions
  • Practice a process for managing differences and resolving conflict
  • Gain clarity about yourself, your partner, and your relationship
  • Develop your couple system for communicating about issues
  • Learn skills, tools and concepts necessary for the long-term success of your love relationship
  • Become empowered to consciously commit to this relationship if it is in alignment with your individual vision, requirements and needs

Package includes

  • Private 90-minute Intake session with couple
  • 6 Weekly 90-minute live virtual group coaching content calls
  • Weekly assignments: Online assessments, activities, practices or observations
  • Follow-up with couple