6-Month Success Program



  • Customized in-depth assessment
  • Fully understand your situation, challenges, advantages and an opportunity to clarify your learning style and fastest development path
  • Customized Somatic Coaching Program

Featuring your desired outcomes and success criteria for meeting your and your company’s needs and priorities

  • Monthly meetings

One-hour client intake session; two monthly pre-scheduled 1-hour sessions to develop your learning, track your progress, and keep you accountable and moving    forward with your growth plan

  • Customized holistic integrative assignments and practices

Build your capacity moving with change, accomplishing and implementing your desired outcomes

  • Responsive email support

Ask questions or resolve issues that may arise between sessions

  • Laser sessions

Two 15- minute Laser sessions between calls if needed

  • Follow-up

3 months after closure

  • Customized in-person or virtual leadership session

4 hours – designed to integrate the learning and complement the coaching program