President Obama Created Donald Trump

Yes…you read the title correctly! President Obama created Donald Trump. He didn’t take on such a task intentionally or purposefully. He simply wanted to have his turn at contributing to the greatness of his country. Unfortunatly, he was looking at the future through hopeful, yet naive eyes. He has done what so many other Presidential candidates and politicians have done– he either didn’t recognize, overlooked, didn’t know what to do with or decided not to pay attention to the boiling undercurrent of racial stress in our country. Maybe, he was just lulled into a sense of belief that with his election the country was headed toward being post-racial.

Regardless of his perspective, the election of President Obama as the first African-American President in a country founded on a sociological experiment consisting of groups marginalized by economic, racial, and political oppression was and still is the catalyst for racial backlash and unrest. Eurocentric backlash for the two-term African-American President cumulated in the Presidential nomination of a candidate antithetical to the espoused meaning of Constitutional equality. That candidate is Donald Trump.

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