Love Again: Find Your Divine Love Partner

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Starts February 29, 2020

Onward to love...

Are you single and just can't seem to attract the right type of person? Are you divorced? Have you released a long-term relationship?  Are you widowed?  Regardless of your single status, you deserve to be loved and to be with a divine love complement.  Finding love after divorce or the ending of a long-term relationship can be hard.  The grief....the anger...the pain...the regrets...the shame...the unfairness...the hurt.  

Here's the secret!  

We often focus on what we want without asking if we’re open to accept what we’ve requested.  Subconsciously, you may hold yourself back from being able to connect with a new loving partner even though you desire such.   So goes the warning “Be careful what you're thinking about because you might just get it”.   ASK:  Am I ready for my new love relationship?  Is there anything holding me back? Do I know what I really want in this next relationship?   With this program you  can bring love into your life.   Here's how:

  • 1
    Have you completely let go of the past relationship or are you carrying it around like a suit of armor? Are you subconsciously carrying around baggage, blame and hate for what happened in your past relationship(s), particularly if you experienced a divorce? Sometimes it's hard to let go.  During this program, you will have the opportunity to heal and release your past so that you may move forward with love.
  • 2
     Gain the skills and mindset for dating consciously and purposefully to find your divine love complement.  Too many people haphazardly date and wonder why they end up wasting lots of time on mismatches. You will learn our scouting, sorting, screening and testing techniques to move the frogs out of the way quickly.
  • 3
    Dating and finding love does not have to be a solo endeavor.  So often we attempt to do everything on our own.  However, we are social animals and need the company and support of those who have our best interests at heart.  Our friends' relationship status can often undermine our efforts as the "committee" talk can sometimes be misleading and erode confidence.  Our community provides you with a support system during all stages of your relationship from preparing for dating to marriage and beyond.  We have your best interests at heart and want you to have your heart's desire.
  • 4
    Design your vision and purpose for living a happy life while finding and connecting with your divine love partner.  For without vision and action, desired outcomes cannot be accomplished. 
  • 5
    Having fun while dating, creates positive energy to draw forth that which you desire.  You may think dating is a chore that has to be tolerated in order to find "the one".  Dating can be fun, invigorating  and help you to determine what you really want and you may meet some nice people and friends along the way.

A divine love complement is yours! What's in this Program to help you find love?

10 Virtual Live Group Coaching Sessions that provide a step-by-step method to help you focus on finding the your  love partner.  Some of the included topics are:

Why "dating" doesn’t work

Demystify the dating process and understand why the way we usually date doesn't work.

Being single is an opportunity, not a disease!

Do you live for the destination or the journey?  It's hard to reach the destination without going on a journey.

How to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

Dating doesn't have to be scary with the right skills.

Solid tools and strategies to "Be the Chooser"

 Dating skills puts you on the path of having the love you desire.

What you can do when single to prepare for the life and relationship you want?

Releasing your past and determining your purpose and vision sets you up for success.

Conscious Dating principles and strategies to find the love of your life and the life that you love

Skills, techniques and the mindset to assist you in finding the love of your life.

About Your Coach: Udall Siraj

You can be the person you want to be— make the money you want to make; have the relationships you want to have; and accomplish all you want to accomplish for an amazingly fulfilling life.  You can have it all!  My role is to guide you in cutting the crap from your life by releasing your chains of slavery (anything that binds, holds, hinders, stops, blocks, etc.) in order for you to take effective action that leads to your amazingly fulfilling life.  Through conscious use of effective relationship skills with self and others, you become the person you want to be.

For over 25 years, my relationship work has guided clients in developing consciousness and relationship skills for building, sustaining and transforming professional (work) and personal relationships. I am a Certified Singles and Couples Coach, a Certified Somatics Coach, Certified Integral Coach, Certified Soul Journeys Practitioner, Certified Cell-Release Therapist, and Certified My Envisioned Mind Practitioner.


Here's What You'll Get

10-week virtual course consisting of one 90-minute live Zoom session per week.  Limited to 15 participants per class -- guaranteed individual attention.

Downloadable  exercises, assessments and much more to develop your relationship plan.

A customized Relationship Plan to start your journey in finding your divine love complement.

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What People Are Saying...


“Conscious Dating teaches you ALL you need to know to find a partner with whom to live a full life, starting NOW! This is THE program for every single who wants to find the love of your life.”

Bonnie Bernell, Ed.D.  (Author of Bountiful Women: Large Women's Secrets for Living the Life They Desire)


“This program is filled with practical strategies that work...A must for anyone who wants to create his or her next great relationship.” 

Eve Eschner Hogan  (Author of Intellectual Foreplay and How to Love Your Marriage)

Is This Program Right For You?

It would be a shame to meet someone who is a great match only to be unable to make a connection because you aren’t ready for love.  Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself about where you stand.  Are you ready to let go of all that keeps you from being open to love?  

tHis program is for you if...

  • You are ready to  release the baggage from your past relationship(s).
  • You are tired of wasting time on people who aren't right for you.
  • You don't want to settle for less than you really want. 
  • You are tired of dating the wrong types. 
  • You are open and willing to learn new relationship skills 
  • You are ready to have a happy and fulfilling life. 

this program isn't for you if...

  • You only want to date for recreation.
  • You aren't interested in being with a divine love partner.
  • You want to go it alone.
  • You don't want to put in any effort into being happy.
  • You have no desire to have a long-term fulfilling love relationship.
  • You want to take the  Sleeping beauty approach and wait for someone who wants a partner to knock on your door.


Additional materials at no additional charge.

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You aren't on this journey alone. Our private FB group provides everyone with support and several "wing" persons as you embark on finding your divine love partner.


Office Hours = email access

As your relationship coach I am personally available to respond to your questions as we embark on your journey.  


Free Dating Traps

Enjoy listening to the 14 Dating Traps audio.  This is yours free for starting the journey of finding your divine love complement.

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